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Narahari, editors, Computing and Intelligent Systems, pp. Based System Identification: An Instrumental Variable Approach. Bayesian approaches to phase unwrapping: Theoretical study. Spielman D, Spectral graph theory.

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CGS for the convergence time and rate remain an open issue. Hybrid spatial Gillespie and particle tracking simulation. Exploiting structure in positioning of nonsymmetric signals. Classification of textures using Gaussian Markov random fields. Deconvolution of seismic data using adaptive Gaussian mixtures. Special Issue on Genomic Signal Processing, EURASIP Journ.

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Wavelet Applications in Signal and Image Processing VII, Proc. An Introduction to variational Methods for Graphical Models. Weekly laboratory exercises using Beagle and xilinx FPGA boards. Power systems biology, lecture notes on a signal processing. Cell Host and Microbe, vol.

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Main themes are related to linear filtering algorithms in time and frequency domains, nonlinear adaptive filters implemented as neural networks, neural architectures and learning algorithms for feedforward and recurrent networks.

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Computing enclosures for uncertain biochemical systems. Hereditary Differential Systems with Constant Delays, II. Thesis, INRSEMT, Université du Québec, Montreal, Quebec, Oct. Gradient descent algorithm: definition, convergence analysis. Wideband array signal processing via spectral smoothing. Nikodym derivatives with respect to Wiener and related measures. Dual methods in entropy maximization.

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The present course aims at introducing the students to algorithms and optimization techniques employed by CAD tools for design of VLSI circuits and systems.